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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WOW! June is almost done!

HOLY Smokes! 
June is almost over and I've barely even told you of the amazing things happening this month and next month! 


Before I get to any of that though, I must share with you the fantastic news re: a Scentsy fundraiser I had for my son's preschool class! We had over $3000.00 in Scentsy orders come in and once everything is translated to my commission portion, I was able to provide them with a $341.10 cheque (50% of my commisssions) to buy new supplies for the students for this year and next!!! 
This was my son's second year in preschool and next year he will be going into kindergarten!
Then my youngest will be in the preschool! LOL 
I'm always happy to support them! 


So for the month of June if you host a qualifying party you are entitled to these awesome hostess gifts. The bigger the party, the more of these items you will recieve, and that is ON TOP of your free product and half price items!!! 

(the Roma warmer is the smallest item here, so this just shows you how big the bowl, vase & plate are)

Moving right along to the month of July, We have this sweet little warmer, which is available in July for 10% off!! 

And the scent that goes with this warmer is Lemons & Berries and let me tell you it smells utterly delicious!!!! 

FOR the month of July, that's JULY 1st until JULY 31st......
they are having this super awesome Bring Back My Bar event! 
Past favorite scentsy bars are making a comeback for ONE MONTH ONLY!! 

check out this list! 


I just finished a Scentsy party at the beach on Sunday! 
And have another booked for tomorrow!! 
Gosh, I love what I do! 


I'm having a Scentsy Open House in my frontyard this weekend  June 23, for anyone who wants to pop by say hi, smell some scents and take advantage of some great deals! 

#4 Cherry Street
Pine Falls
(204) 340-0098

Take Care all!! 

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