Hello and welcome to my Scentsy blog. I fell in love with Scentsy after only looking at a book for about 5 minutes. I KNEW I had to have it in my life and in the lives of the ones I love! It's new, it's chic and it's the next best thing. Affordable & desirable. Scentsy is safe being flame & soot free, with 3 children, this makes me very happy! Pls tune back in for updates and specials.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Scentsy has a new line......

..............launching May 1st 2012 !!! 


A whole lotta chocolate for the fondue lover in you and yup, I'm gonna be sellin' that too!! 
How could I not!! 

Will you take a look at this!?!>! 

A whole kit to do home parties with!! WOWZERS!! 

I already a couple trade shows booked for Velata already!! 
Anyone else interested in joining my Scentsy happy team?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April- Scent & Warmer of the Month

Each month, Scentsy has a warmer and scent of the month! 
April's specials are below. 


I am starting an open party from April 4 for 3 weeks, so if anyone wants anything go HERE to join my party & have it shipped to you in time for Mother's day! 


GO HERE on my website to place an order for 10% off this wonderful Mothers Day warmer ! 

And the scent of the month for April is Cerise. 
GO HERE on my website to place an order for 10% off this as well! 

Also feel free to check out the rest of the catalogue here! 
I hope you fall in love just as hard as I did

Tell all your friends about my little ol blog here and perhaps we'll have some candy available for the first 100 followers to compete for (thru random.org)

**********Not sure what Scentsy is all about: Read below**********

YUP, you guessed it, I am officially a Scentsy Consultant!! 

If you are anything like I was, I thought "what is Scentsy?". 
Well it is all of these pics below! 


(they come in 5 different sizes, many, many different styles)

Plug in Warmers

Scentsy Bars

(80 different scents)
I found out about Scentsy while doing one of my agency nursing stints! Someone was having a party and I saw the catalogue.........picked it up.......looked at it ..........and immediately thought.........
"I could totally sell this, heck it sells itself, I'm already sold". 
Within 24 hrs I was a consultant and it has been amazing ever since! LOL 
I have online parties going, and 2 more parties booked...one in April & 1 in May.
I'm getting extra goodies as well as making a bit of commission! Which I didn't even know about! 
YAHOO! More money for crafty goodies! LOL

This is the general idea behind the warmers........
A lightbulb inside the warmer, heats up the wax, on the top dish of the warmer, once it is plugged in! 
Flameless, Soot Free & the wax never looses it's volume nor heats up enough to burn! 
Having 3 kids, I REALLY liked this idea!! 
And another thing......
A great gift. For yourself. Or a friend! 

Check out my website 
Under the Buy section you will see 2 parties, one is mine and one is my friends. 
Should you want to order online, feel free to do so!?!> 

OR feel free to just browse the catalogue

Thanks for stopping by!