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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Off the Scentsy-Wagon!

UK consultants= 933
IRELAND consultants= 243
GERMANY consultants= 285
CANDIAN consultants= 11, 076
UNITES STATES consultants= 202, 259 

Well Hello my friends! 
Seems as though I have fallen off the wagon a bit with all my blogging! Not only have I been missing out on my crafty side of blogging (Craft Blog here) but I have missed out on tellin you all about the Scentsy specials that have been happening! 
I just can't get enough of this stuff! 
I'm so excited every time I have another party, do a trade show or just get another order online! 
My home based business has REALLY taken off and I couldn't be HAPPIER!! 

And with all the extra income, hubby & I are able to start making plans for future vacations...as well as paying off some debts! So nice to have that extra cash, let me tell ya!! 

Now Let's get to it shall we!! 

Here we have the holiday flyer for Scentsy. The holiday flyer (below ) is 2 pages of products that are available until Dec 31, 2012, while supplies last! 

The picture below is called Holiday lights and the lights on the side actually glow! OMG !It is soooooooo nice! Warming inside is the scent of the month, Peppermint dreams.  Both this warmer and Scent are 10% during the month of November! 

And of course, this warmer below is not to be missed. 
It is called Slapshot & it is melting Mandarin Moon. Again, these are both 10% off BUT ONLY FOR OCTOBER! Then it is regular priced! 

Finally, just in time for the holidays, Here we have a BOGO on Scentsy Buddies . Yup, Buy 1 Get 1 free. So that's 2 for $30.00 . You pick a scent pak to go inside your buddy...and Scentsy picks the other scent pak! Perfect way to spice up a child room, use as an air freshener or car freshener when sat in your rear window! 

You can check out my website HERE......there's an online brochure to look at ! 
If you want to buy something just click on BUY and select one of the parties listed.....& have it shipped directly to YOUR DOOR! 
YUP, online parties are available too!! 
And if you want to become part of my team.....click the JOIN tab and follow the steps! 
Not only is the extra income a PLUS, but every year Scentsy offers an incentive trip for free once you've reached a required number of points! I am happy to say I am already halfway to Hawaii!!! 

Here's a link to the Youtube video that tells you all about the incentive trip!! 

Thanks everyone! 

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