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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mother's Day Spa

Hello Everyone! 
Here in Canada, Mother's Day is May 13, 2012.....
......and we are having a local Mother's Day Spa in the small town of Pine Falls, where I live.
 Local artists and vendors are displaying their tables  full of goodies &  I am going to be there
 with my Scentsy Table! 
I'm so excited. 
I am definitely going to post pictures of that later. 
My daughter, Hannah, is going to be my sidekick at the trade fair! She's almost as excited as I am !

 To introduce more people to Scentsy, makes me happy!! 
Something EVERYONE needs in their lives !!!  
Yes, even those of you in UK can have Scentsy! 
It's over there already. 
There are distributors there.....
... & if you don't know one, then you could be that "IN" people are looking for!! 
I love it! 
I'm totally addicted, scouring the internet for the next trade or craft show!! 

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UPDATES- like this..............the warmer for June........Perfect for Father's Day!!! 

AND like this.....Scent of the month for May!!! 


Can't you just taste it.......er........smell it!! LOL 

Thanks for stopping by today..............


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Kimberly said...

Cherry vanilla...yuuuummmmmyyyyyy..